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All about Me!

Hi, this is my new blog and I like to share with you a few things about me and this blog.

I moved to Australia from England around 4 years ago and I live in Melbourne with my two beautiful, young princesses and hubby.

I have always loved baking and was fortunate to grow up in a home where home cooking and baking happened everyday.  My early memories are coming come from school and opening the back door to the smells of yummy buns fresh out of the oven.  We call 'cupcakes' buns back in England.  I don't know if this is a Yorkshire term but it was only until I arrived in Australia that 'cupcakes' is the well known term for 'buns'.

Why the name "Cupcakes Lovehearts"?  I work part time as a Teacher in the preschool.  The girls love baking cakes and their favourite shape is "lovehearts", they draw it, paint it and even make playdough lovehearts.  The name is in memory of them.

I prefer simple recipes for cupcakes and I change them slightly for flavour.  Throughout my blog I will try out different types of cupcakes and experiment with different types of frosting and icing.

This is not a professional blog but is blog with passion for cupcakes.  All cupcakes are baked by myself or with my little princesses.  All photographs post on here are mine.

Enjoy and I will be in touch tomorrow with a new cupcake.

Happy baking!

Cupcake Loveheart

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